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I pass this journal along to you in the hopes that even through my many years of isolation and darkening of my heart that some good come out of the evil I have visited upon this world.  That the truth may be know and never forgotten
If I am judged after death the blood of those innocent will be what I fear. Though my actions I felt fit the evils done to me, I never dreamed of the end. I hid myself away as man waged his war of power.  Content with my sorrows without worries of life’s endless struggles. It was not until the end of the hundred year war that I even left the walls of my castle, that was hid away by the very dark magic I at one time fought against. In those war torn years man had wiped from the planet all but his kind or so they thought. Because my long painful life continues, but I have proof that maybe the gentle race of neko fled before man’s war reach their lands. The thought that this race lives past the vast waters along with my thoughts of being with my loves give me peace as I go on toward the life after this. I had long given up all mankind as evil, unworthy of hope in the 300 years that have passed since the end of man’s war. But then one day I witnessed an act that gave me hope. A young male child as he gave comfort to a dying forest animal. The look of sorrow on this young male’s face and his tears as he placed the animal in the ground touched something in my long frozen heart. I watched this man child grow but still keep his kindness in spite of the evils around him. As I watched William I knew that you were the one I could trust with the truth of the past that was held within the lost neko tribe. Please find them and tell them that Lord Dragon reaches the end of his life at last. With me goes the end of my kind, the last of god’s warriors against the darkness goes to stand accountable for my sins. Tell them they are the last of the races and that it falls to them to protect the past and the truth it holds. This William is now part of your fate as well to take this journal containing the truth of the past to Lost Neko Kingdom.  Pled with them to act before it is to late before the world slips into eternal darkness.  

                                                                                                                                   With all my hope I am
                                            Lord Daniel Dragon
Letter from Lord Dragon
Yea just little something I was playing with to tie our comics Lost Neko Kingdom in with our other comic The Dragon's Journal.
Ruff WIP so I know there be grammar short falls, I post not for that but just to see what people would thinks of it...Plus few fans I do have of The Dragon's Journal have been on me for not posting anything from it in awhile so for the 2 fans out there here you go

Let me know what you think as long it not be about grammer I knows my mistakes and does them for reasons. 
Yea so that is not really the question more like statement???
We at Alpha Anime are about to brake into the world of fanfic by changing up stories to go the way we feel they should have played out.
And our first target is frozen. Stay tune for coming updates
Get your questions answered by Overlord Muffy. All you have to do is ask and yea shall receive.
God Complex by AlphaAnime
God Complex
JessieEternal or Chinchilla as Muffy calls her had to ask after being around Muffy vast ego did you even really need to. LOL

Want your question answered and be immortalized in a 'Regular Life of Muffy' comic that is easy just click this and ask away. Muffy is more then glad to tell you what she thinks or what she would do.
Kitty Hugs by AlphaAnime
Kitty Hugs
This is question answered for GoodKittyNyanchan who inspired Muffy to open up and let the world know the answers to all those questions they where wondering about their soon to be Supreme Overlord....

Hope this answers your question GoodKittyNyanchan and if you ever do hug Muffy we wish you luck...the last panel is left to one's imagination but with Muffy's twisted mind and love of neko girls you can guess what happens to one that hugs her. The last neko girl that hugged Muffy ended up on a stage at 'Cosplay After Dark' half nude with Muffy...but that another comic. After that true statement we will see how many of you read these. LOL

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